“Cloé is a radiant star with a brilliant soul, a true diamond in the rough. She’s incredibly kind, warm and attentive. She sheds light onto the soul’s situation with sharp accuracy and clarity. The transparency that she provides by allowing you to see the cards and their pertinent details makes her readings all the more meaningful, enjoyable and memorable. I’m very grateful that our paths have crossed.” 🙏🏼💫💓🌻 – Ari – Austria

“Cloe displayed great accuracy and compassion throughout my reading, it was very relatable to my situation and thought process, and really helped,  a genuine lady” – Walter -UK 

“Had a fantastic past life reading from Cloé. It was an inspiration and I found it very healing. It’s amazing what you will understand about yourself . This lady reads with her heart. Thank you xxx” – Marion Spiteri – UK

“I have just had a 12 month tarot reading done by Cloé, and I have no hesitation in recommending her. She is so down to earth, thorough, and caring, some of the detail she picked up on in my reading was mind blowingly accurate. You feel like she is your friend even though you have never met ❤️. Thank you so much Cloé for my reading & your help 💥❤️🙏❤️ 💥 – Anne Harris – UK

“Cloé has a profound connection with Spirit, I have been struggling with an issue at home for a long time to the point I was unable to hear or see a solution. I finally decided through Cloé to ask for me how to see my way through it. I was totally blown away with the reading, spot on with my thoughts and actions thus far in the situation. I am happy to say guidance was provided as to handle the situation for now and that my dreams are coming true. I am extremely pleased with the extra attention Cloé provided to my reading. I truly believe it was not be accident I find Cloé on You Tube, I will definitely use Cloé’s gifts again! Thank you so much! Love and light,” -Debbie Strickler – USA

“I love it !!!!. Cloé’s spirit and readings are genuine. She makes you feel like a friend. It makes my day brighter when I listen to her readings.”  -Kat DeMarco – USA

“She is amazing, so warm and compassionate and got so many things completely spot on about me. I would recommend her to anyone xx -Tracy Frearson – UK

“I had a wonderful reading from Cloé, it was amazing, accurate and she was informative as to what she saw. Her knowledge of the cards was also helpful and reassuring to me- thank you Cloé !” -Becky Ranford – UK

“Had a great personal read with Cloé. She was spot on Highly recommend Thanks 😘– Carla Smith – UK

“I had a great reading your a wonderful person and was spot on with everything you said I love your readings and will have a private again soon looking forward to ur live readings xx”- Laura Haines – UK

“Very good reader could take all of it spot on x” – Katie Blair – UK

“Wow wow wow!! An amazing reading and fingers crossed for a brighter and more positive future ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much xxx” – Christine Middlehurst – UK

“I have just had the most amazing reading from Cloe, every aspect was spot on. I have followed her for 18 months, she never fails to provide in depth and honest guidance, she is not a reader whose intention is solely to earn millions she genuinely cares and wants to help people with their problems on their individual spiritual journey. I can’t thank you enough x 💜– Shelly Barnes – UK

“I was very fortunate to have a card reading on cloe’s live today. The card was amazing, everything I have been working on, praying for and asking the angels for is coming and the dark times are at an end. Alleluia. Cloe is incredible and so on the money with every card reading 🙏💜💜💜💜xxxx”- Denise Allan – UK

“Love all your posts Cloe also love your readings. Your an inspiration and help a lot of people. 😘🥰😇💞– Sheila Davies – UK

“Thank you very much for all your guidance Cloe x your such a beautiful person and so down to earth ,sending love and blessings your way x”- Sharon Lee – UK

“I get lots from what you do your the only medium I follow and trust And I get comfort most days although there has been times you’ve freaked me out 🤣 but I love it and I think your awesome can you book you for home visits xxx”-Jacqueline Lyons – UK

“This lady is so passionate about what she does and brings so much joy to peoples lives. When she does card readings and spirit readings she always gets them spot on everytime she’s truly an inspiration 🙏❤️”-Michelle Sheldon -UK

“Thank you so Much Lady Cloé! Received my Fairy 🧚‍♀️ Oracles and Really pleased with them! What a Lovely Surprise with it too! Funnily enough I was looking at that in your Shop as if you knew! 😊 Your Packaging is really Warming and Thanks for getting it too me quickly! Warmest Regards – Natalie TinkerbelltherealGoddess Bell 🦋🧚‍♀️-UK

“Thank so much for my reading all what you had said was so true I will be coming back 💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏 you are fabulous and one lovely lady god bless you thank you so much”-Susan Hardiker – UK

“Hi folks I had a reading from cloe and what can i say she is totally spot on with her readings, you won’t be disappointed very good at what she does, thank you again for a marvellous reading 💕💕-Jean Mcsporran – UK

“I would highly recommend cloe for a reading. I had the pleasure of receiving a card reading last week on a live video. She picked up on my energy 100% and described me so accurately i was amazed. She also picked up on my father in spirit and she confirmed a lot. The message of guidance was very much appreciated and also 100% spot on. Thank you, much love to you 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️💝 -Julia Whittle – UK

“In a vast sea of tarot readers Cloé. Hedger really stands out for me. For me her connection to the spirit realm is obvious and it grants her very profound channelling to come through for us. I admire the graceful work she performs. A true gem indeed. Thank you so much Cloe I highly recommend you to anyone ❤ -Maya Samay -USA